August 21,2014

It’s starting to take shape. I guess you have to work for it, form the shape in order for you to be comfortable with it. In the end it will be your shape. Did you ever think about just making it really basic instead of very complex? The trapezoid is not to crazy but the octagon is quite nice for it is similar to a circle with just 8 sides. Maybe not, maybe the circle is the best shape. A triangle is too angular for you to actually peak over to the other side. You would have to certainly make an invasive attempt to see whats happening on the other /3 of the side you have. I’m just gonna say I like the octagon. But you know, the line is just as interesting as well. Then again there is two sides to the line and it is usually quite different and sometimes not similar to whats happening on either side. Yes ok the circle is good, you just can’t take a break though. You have to constantly walk round and round with nothing new to see along the way. Would it be rude to say the circle is boring? I’m gonna stick with the octagon, for if I do get bored of one side I don’t have to make too much of an invasive attempt to see whats happening on the other side.



July 31, 2014

Ok. Ok. I see what you are doing. It’s quite mean if I may say but I am not at all mad. If that’s what you have to do then do it. Don’t listen to me though, I’m not trying to influence your decision making in any way. The more you decide the more your world becomes yours. It feels good to know that you are just letting me know.



sorry about that…



Get the fuck out my house with that bullshit. This my house. My spot my world. Be happy you got to even come across me.


July 27, 2014 I told mad heads some shit I shouldn’t of said. Nah, Fuck that. I said it and I meant it. If it came out that’s the ways its suppose to be.No regrets on anything. I like the outcome of bad for it always ends up good. I start I and always going to be I. I against I. Please try to tell me something today, I have the answer, if I don’t it will be the closest thing you could get to the real thing. 







July 15, 2014


If only we could all be so cool.

I just been chillin, laying low and reading.